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FXnBO Lounge is a Financial Investment and Trading Firm, with years of experience about the Financial Trading Market  FXnBO Lounge was set up by a team of highly experienced and skilled financial traders to assists clients with multiple interactive services into the huge untapped market(Stocks, Forex, Options, CFDs, Commodity, Crypto) with a recipe to success.

With the help of our sponsors FXnBO lounge have been able to affect the lives of over 200,000 traders worldwide, by conducting Free Seminars about the financial market and also through our LEARN AND EARN SCHEME through which our top traders provide Free Quality Education to members as well as Free Quality Signal Services to ensure they EARN enough to care for themselves as they too gradually become professionals.


I am pleased to inform our Clients and Investors Worldwide that FXnBO Lounge is now into BITCOIN Mining.
Its no more news on how the Crypto currencies–BITCOIN in particular, now taking over the world as the dominant and highest currency with a highly appreciative value.
FXnBO Lounge as part of our Aim to ensure Investors get the very best of their Investment is now engaged in the Mining of BITCOIN as a Secondary investment profit yield for our Investors.
Here at FXnBO Lounge, WE always put your financial interests First and Our priority would always be to ensure our clients maximize their investments in both the short and long-run.

We from save the children international, thank you for your constant support and care towards the health and education donation for the less priviledged children.

– Save The Children International

Thanks for your direct  Sponsorship of the orphanage children Educations, this organisation has been more than a blessing to us, your unending concerns and contributions has been of great joy and brought forth laughter and happiness amongst the less priviledged children worldwide.

– Orphan Charity Foundation

Thanks for your supports and donations towards the “save the street kids programme” we from save the street children, uganda. say a big thank and appreciate your efforts in making this vision possible.
-Save Street Children Uganda(SASCU)


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Still like a dream received the my payouts today cant believe it still,
may God bless you all for the goodness and priceless support which you doing for the world at large and most especially towards the developing countries.

-Steward Thrasz-

Still in A Shock

Thought this was just another ponzi or scam pullout but decided to take the risk and see how it goes.
I am still in a big shock to see by account been credited.
It was like a dream when i saw the alert this morning
A beautiful morning indeed.
thanks to you all cause im  really speechless.

-Ngbongo Sizwe-

Quality Service

Thanks to you,it was really hard finding informations about binary options in russia but your services and education has been more than enough for me. i successfully can now trade profitably myself.

-Eduard Dmitijev

Awesome Signals

I’ve been trading with your signals services on telegram for over 2months now and all i can say is WOW, with your free signal services i make more than enough money to care for myself my family and friends as well. God bless you richly for support.
– Patrick Alison

Quality Education

Its been just one week with your telegram education services and have gained more than enough knowledge to enable me get over 90% accuracy, thanks to the team at large for making this possible.
– Micah Stewards

Safe Investment
The forex and binary world has been so corrupt with scammers and money scoopers, but glad out there people still care for others. Ever since your last investment Scheme my life has completely transformed, with tears dripping down my face i say a big thank you to everyone of the team.
– Joel Stephen

Market Maker
Tradng with you gives me so much relaxation and confidence, because you dont only win but you show us why the trade has to be won. it seems as though you make the market move…
-Hilary Wilfred

Superb Services

Permit me to call you the God of Forex and Binary option.Your analysis are as though you are the maker of the market, super accurate. Your signals are perfects and your Trades are superb. I can only trust my Investments with You and youve never failed for once.
-John Johns

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